Wednesday, August 19, 2009

He's 2!

Yesterday was Graham's 2nd birthday! He was very excited all day and especially liked having the birthday song sung to him. He received many nice presents that led to a late bedtime because he wanted to stay up and "pay." This same thing happened today when he woke up early, ready to play with his new toys.

GG, G Bob, and Aunt Julia arrived in the morning to celebrate with us (they are on their way to drop Julia off at school). Overall, I think he had a great day and thanks to all of you who helped make it that way for him!

Finally a train set of his own!

Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD

car sheets for his big boy bed

more trains

Handy Manny cars

bath toys and boxes of raisins

Banana Cream Birthday Pie

When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday he responded by saying "apples and nanas" (his usual request for a song before bed is the same, so he's got a bit of an obsession going on). The best I could do to fulfill the request was to make apple waffles for breakfast and banana cream pie for dessert.

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AmandaS said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Graham!!! You are becoming such a big boy! I was thinking about you on your birthday and hoping that you were having tons of fun. looks like you did! I'm so glad Auntie Julia will be living near you. yippee!