Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Half A Year Has Gone By!

Reed turned 6 months old on Sunday!! Happy Half Birthday!! He's had a cold so I was waiting to get his official picture. Here is what he is up to:

*He makes noise all the time. Whether it is talking, laughing, moaning, or crying, he is one loud boy!

*He loves music and always gets a smile on his face when I sing to him.

*He can roll both ways if highly motivated, but doesn't always enjoy playing on the floor alone, so isn't practicing this skill very often.

*He is close to sitting up alone.

*He loves to chew on his toys and attacks anything that comes near his mouth. He especially likes to chomp on our fingers but also gets my chin when I burp him and the straps on his carseat when I buckle him in.

*He is able to grab toys when we hold them out to him.

*He loves to watch Graham play and gets really excited when he walks by him. Graham on the other hand is still uninterested in him most of the time.

*He had apples for the first, well second time tonight. The other night I let him suck on my apple and he loved it. Tonight I finally was able to make applesauce and he ate half an apples worth. He is following in his Appleton roots since applesauce was a staple dinner component growing up.

*He has been trying to eat my food whenever I put something in my mouth, but I've been waiting for his regularity issues to work themselves out. He's doing much better. This month he maxed out at 12 days without going #2. It didn't seem to bother him, but meant we had to put up with some extra stinky gas!

*He is sleeping much better these days. He sleeps through the night, although we have some random 3 am feedings here and there. He is napping much better with a distinct morning and afternoon nap and sometimes an evening one depending on how early and long the other ones were. The method that got him to sleep last month no longer works and now he just cries himself to sleep. I hate listening to it, but nothing else works and holding him while he sleeps isn't an option. One day soon I hope to be able to put him in his bed and have him go to sleep without the tears.

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