Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More things he says

Tonight before bed: "I need chocolate milk."


While I was making muffins he grabbed the lemon off of the counter and said, "I make lemonade. I need a knife to cut it." He then proceeded to go through the silverware drawer looking for one.


One day while we were at church playing in the gym: "I can't run anymore. I have candy."


Setting: We were playing outside and he found a stick.

G: Pew pew (gun shooting sounds). I get them.

M: You get what?

G: The monsters.

M: Where are they?

G: Right over there!

M: How many monsters?

G: 2

M: How big are they?

G: Very big.

M: What color are they?

G: Green. Pew pew. I got them!

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