Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Second Guest Room

I showed you how we turned the porch into a guest room, so I thought I'd also show our second guest room. When we moved here we had two twin beds in the guest room. Graham got one when he moved into the room, but there wasn't enough room in there for his stuff and the second bed. We tried to figure out what to do with the second bed and we found the solution one weekend last spring after visiting A's sister.

She put a twin bed in their master bedroom closet. Now when they have visitors one of the boys can sleep in there. We don't have a master bedroom closet big enough to hold the extra bed, but we do have a dining room closet that would. The previous owners put a wall up that length of the dining room which created a really big closet. We found out that it is the exact width of a twin bed. The extra bed now resides at one end of the closet and we still have room for stuff on the other end.

This has been Aunt Julia's home away from home whenever she comes to stay. It's not totally private because the dining room has a pass through to the kitchen so technically she should hear everything going on in the rest of the house. However, my family is filled with deep sleepers, (we've been known to sleep through a car exploding and trees being trimmed), so it works well for her.

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