Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Things Graham Says

G: Mommy lay down with me.

Me: I can't, I have to feed Reed.

G: Daddy hold Reed and you lay down with me.

M: Daddy can't feed Reed.

G: Daddy be a mommy and feed Reed and you lay down with me.

We walked with Sarah and Luke to the park one morning. Later that afternoon-

G: Go for a walk.

M: Where?

G: To Sarah's house.

He sure does love his friends and we're thankful that we can walk to there house!


M: Can you get that for me?

G: Um, yeah!

(Other conversations have resulted in him saying, "um, no!")


G: Good night Mommy. Good night Reed. Good night big tv!


M: Can I please have the cheese grater.

G: No, I play with it.

M: It's sharp and it might cut you.

G: No it's good for me.

A few minutes later

G: I take it to bed with me.

(And no, we did not allow him to take the grater to bed with him!)


M: What are the magic words? (I had him trapped between my legs)

G: Meeska, Mooska, let me go!

Since I had no idea what he would say, I thought that was clever enough to be the magic words to let him go.

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