Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Update

I thought it was time for an update on Graham. He is 2 years and 9 months old now.

-He likes to know what peoples' names are, where there house is, and where there car is. Of course I don't usually know the answer so on occasion he has asked them himself. These people must get nervous that he is stalking them!

-He taught himself how to do a somersault.

-He knows the street he lives on, town, and state. He also knows mine and Anthony's first names. Sometimes he can remember his middle name as well as Reed's.

-He watches too much tv, so we are working to cut back on this. He loves it and it does help me to accomplish things around the house, but it definitely needs to be off more than it is. Lately he has been asking to watch "Candy Man" (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) and likes the "little mans" in it. He even broke out into "Oompa Loompa Doopa Da Di" and was quite proud of himself.

-He has changed a lot since last summer with regards to the playground. Last summer he was afraid to go down the slides. Now he goes down them and climbs up most anything.

-He loves to help me cook and often asks if he can see what I'm doing. He brings his chair in and stands on it. I enjoy having him in there, but he is impulsive with what he tries to add to what we are making. Thankfully we have not ruined anything yet.

-He has to know what is in everything. I often hear, "Mommy what is in this cracker" or a similar type question. I respond with "flour, salt, etc." "Mommy what is in the flour?" The conversation usually ends with vitamins and minerals since I can't get any smaller than that. I'm sure he is confused by that answer because vitamins to him are anything gummy like the vitamins he takes. Needless to say I guess we are in the "why" phase of preschoolhood.

-He has made some giant leaps with potty training. I have not be pushing it at all, waiting for him to show signs of readiness and interest. I know if I push him too hard, he will refuse to do it. Anyway, we've had several attempts and I have learned a lot about him because of them. There are definite times when he goes (he's not going every few minutes, more like every hour or two), he knows when he is going but not before to where he can tell me he has to go, he is able to sit on the seat without an insert or anything, he can get up there himself without a stool, and he is greatly determined to go if the reward is worth working for. So, I think my next step with this is to make the decision to take diapers away and spend a few days going for it. It's on me now. I need to work to clear our schedule for that as well as mentally prepare for the change it will bring since diapers do offer a form of convenience. I'm hoping he will be trained before his birthday in August!

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