Monday, June 28, 2010

9 Month Update

Reed turned 9 months a couple weeks ago and has experienced some big changes to go along with it! He won't have a well check-up until we return from our trip, so official stats will come after that appointment. Here's what he is up to:

*He crawls everywhere and loves his new freedom.

*He can go from sitting to his belly (only hitting his head on the floor occasionally) to crawling and back to sitting.

*He had 4 sharp teeth.

*He loves to eat and prefers to feed himself rather than eat baby food. He eats most fruit and I sneak some bites of veggies in there. Avocado-banana-yogurt is still one of his favorites. Cheerios are our daily go-to snack when he is whining and we have to do something else. He nurses 5-6 times a day, but I think he would give it up if he had to. He won't drink from a bottle or cup yet, so we will stick with it until his birthday most likely.

*He wakes up around 6am most days, goes to bed around 8pm and takes two naps each day. Most days the afternoon nap lines up with Graham's, making for a very happy mommy!

*He gets super excited whenever he sees G or Daddy. I guess since I'm always around I don't get that animated response from him.

*He is so loud. Whether he is talking or crying it is usually very difficult to hear what anyone else is saying.

*I think he says, "AHHHHH" for hi and holds his arm out as his wave. He also waves both arms while hitting his legs as his form of clapping.

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