Sunday, July 25, 2010

Double Digits

He's 10 months old! It seems like every week he becomes more of a little boy and loses some of the baby in him. He had his 9 month check up the week before turning 10 months. If I remember the stats correctly he weighed 22 lbs 1 oz and was 29 inches. I think the weight dropped him down to 70 something percentile. Whatever his head measurement was it was off the charts! I guess all of this crawling is slowing down his weight gain because he was almost 21 pounds at his 6 month check up. Anyway, here's some of the things he is doing:

-He is crawling very quickly all over the place. He can stop and sit up very easily and pulls up whenever the desire strikes.

-He claps by slapping his legs with both hands and has been doing this for a while. I just didn't realize that if you asked him to clap he would do this on command.

-He has added a grunting form of "hi" to his vocabulary as well as "uh oh." I really want him to learn to say or sign "more" because all he does at the table is grunt when he is ready for more food.

-Speaking of food, the kid loves to eat. He is a huge fan of fruit and won't even touch vegetables that are put on his tray. He prefers to pick his food up and eat it, but I still puree it sometimes. He's eating some of our food, but doesn't always like it. His favorites of the moment include cherries, blueberries (with the skin- for a while he was spitting the skins out because he didn't like them and I drew the line at peeling his blueberries), and yogurt. He makes funny noises when he eats and if I put a chunk of food in his mouth he spits it out, inspects it, and then puts it back in.

-His doctor gave him the go ahead to begin drinking cows milk. We are slowly transitioning to it. He's losing interest (not all) in nursing and becoming a biter. She said to be cautious of the biting because of the risk of infection which was not something I considered so I was glad she mentioned it. He still nurses 4 times a day and is drinking from a bottle and sippy cup.

-He takes a morning and afternoon nap. I don't know how long they are because I never remember to time them. I'd guess it is between 1 1/2- 2 hours each.

-He LOVES baths. He crawls into the bathroom and pulls up by the tub and squeals with delight. When he does get to take a bath he splashes like crazy and has taken to diving forward and practicing his swimming strokes, all the while splashing some more!

-He's still got 4 teeth and working on some more.

-I almost forgot- He is a terrible wiggler during diaper changes and likes to chew on our flip flops (eww)!

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