Friday, July 30, 2010

The LP Part of the Trip

We got to spend 11 days in LP. Anthony was with us for the first 5 days and boy were they chilly. After Anthony left, the week of summer that they experience arrived and we sweated like crazy. Since the weather doesn't usually get so hot, air conditioning isn't in most homes. It was hot and humid so the boys slept only in a diaper several nights to help combat it. Anyway, here are some of the pictures of things we did and people we saw:

Uncle Joey and Amy

Uncle James

(Great) Aunt Lisa and Great Grandpa Joe

Graham and I went hiking one morning on the path across the street from my parent's house.

He brought back some rocks to throw into the pond.

Collecting rocks and pine cones and throwing them in the pond
was one of the highlights of his week there!

Reed spent and hour eating this apple!

He wore this outfit a lot since it was one of the coolest ones he had. He still sweated a lot!

We went to the playground and yes, that is G-Bob on the slide!

They got to cool off in their own pools each afternoon.

I realized that I change Reed too much.
I'm not allowing his diaper to reach it's maximum absorbency!
I think he lost 10 pounds when I took it off.

The house G-Bob is building. This is the basement.
There will be two stories added to the top once they finish enclosing the basement.

Group shot at the airport.
I love the brotherly affection Graham is showing to Reed.

The view on the plane.
I debated on whether to bring the carseats on. In the end it was a good decision.
Reed stayed in his through the first flight.
We all took naps on the second flight and only really needed me to entertain them for an hour of the three and a half we were on board.
It couldn't have gone better for our first two flight solo trip!

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Justin and Gi said...

you go girl, your trip looked amazing! And what a treat on the flight home..naps and car seats. :)