Thursday, July 29, 2010

Swap a ...

I added some new icons to the sidebar. Do you see them?

The PaperBack Swap allows you to post books that other members can request. The only cost involved is to pay the postage to mail the books to whomever requests it. In return for mailing them your book, you receive credits that you can redeem for other members books. They even start you out with 2 free credits when you post your first 10 books.

This works the same way with Swap a CD and Swap a DVD too! You can also swap credits depending on what you want to get.

I posted items a week ago and have already mailed off 5 books and 1 dvd. Now I can choose 6 items to have mailed to me (I'm thinking Little Einstein for G's birthday:)!

Since I don't read much myself (I wish I did) I will probably use this to get new kid's books or dvd's for the boys.

So, if you have books, cd's, or dvd's lying around that you want to trade for something else then consider signing up! Plus if you use my email address (jackier24 at gmail dot com) (just remove spaces) as the person who referred you then I will get extra credits!

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