Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My name is Anthony Rosolowski and I am married to a wonderful gal named Jackie. Today is her 29th birthday and she is the most amazing and gross 29 year-old ever. I am blessed to call her my wife. Even though she is so green, shopping for her birthday isn’t necessarily the easiest thing. My first thought was to get her a purple dress, but I was afraid it might make her look kind of like an alligator. Since my boys and I already act like a bunch wild hippos in the house all day, I decided to get her something else. “Ooo, maybe a nice piece of jewelry…” I thought to myself. Then I remembered that she is so beautiful that even jewelry looks like an old pile of stores when compared to her. Finally, I remembered what my friend always told me about birthday gifts; “Try and buy something that you would enjoy having and they will enjoy it too.” So, I spent 24 hours searching the internet for a present that I knew I would enjoy. Finally, I found the perfect gift for her birthday. Even though it cost 42 dollars, I knew it would be worth the money. Once I ordered her gift, I couldn’t wait for her birthday to arrive so that she could see what a crazy husband I was. Finally, the day came, and just as I predicted, I loved her gift. It was the most fun I have ever had on her birthday and I will never forget it. Friends give such goofy advice.

*Words in bold were provided by me based on the type of word that was needed.

Anthony wrote both Mad Libs himself. He also used the advice his friend gave him and bought me something he really liked. I stayed true to myself and have already returned it. It's ok. I am very thankful to have been able to buy a netbook using birthday money and the money I got back from the gift Anthony got me. It certainly was one of those I'd love to get one but probably won't be able to but then God provided and I'm super excited to be able to use it sort of things.

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Mark Bass said...

Much laughing...these mad libs are great. They brought back memories of my childhood.