Saturday, September 04, 2010

I'm Done

Ahhh! I'm done and very pleased. 8 hours of cooking (and being mom too) produced:

5 bags cooked chicken for salads
1 bag cooked chicken for chicken salad
1 buffalo chicken
2 sausage
2 fajita
2 lime chicken tacos
1 mushroom steak kabobs (minus mushrooms)
2 spinach rice casserole
1 south of the border pie
2 1/2 minestrone soup
2 tomato soup
2 chili
2 Italian grilled chicken
1 marinated steak
1 chicken for Parmesan crusted chicken
2 cooked rice

11 lunches and 16 dinners and to top it off all of the dishes are done!


AmandaS said...

You are AMAZING!! Way to go. I think I'm gonna try the lime chicken tacos. And maybe the spinach dish if I'm feeling extra ambitious :) Thanks for the inspiration.

Brianna said...

Wow, you go girl!!