Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Project 52: Date 1

I was really pleased with how Date 1 came together. When I was doing my initial reading on the project, I found a game called First Words and made a mental note that I wanted to incorporate that at some point. Thursday rolled around and I had not thought of anything else so I knew that was something easy that we could do. I wanted to make the night more than the game, partly because I thought it might go quickly. I tried to think of other things that went along with "one" or "first" (and in the midst of it realized that this was our "first" date following the pledge date so I was super excited about how the title of the game worked with the date number we were on). Options that I came up with included reminiscing about our first date and first year of marriage, watching the movie 50 First Dates, making One and a Half Minute Cookies, watching a show for the "first" time, writing a story with our answers to First Words, and playing Uno. I also happened to be at the library that day and was going to see what books came up with one or first in the title but the card catalog was not working.

I settled on playing the game, writing the story, and watching a show together for the first time.

Here is the invitation that I completed Thursday afternoon. Since A was off from work that day I just set it as the desktop wallpaper instead of emailing it to him.

I'm trying to be a little mysterious and not come out and tell him all the details, plus it might give me extra time to put the details together but still send him the invitation earlier in the week (if the invitation is made more than a couple of hours in advance :)

The Date

We played the game and I must say it was harder than I expected. We alternated saying the word on the word card and the other person said what came to mind first. Several times I could not figure out the first thing so I had nothing to say. Thankfully A has such a clever mind that his answers often led to fits of laughter which was my goal in selecting this one.

After playing the game we laid out the word cards and they really wrote their own story. Here it is in all its glory (italics are words we called out and bold are the first words that came to mind)-

Once upon a time there was a boy named Hilarious Harry (who also had the name Buttswick). It was summer winter which meant it was time for birthday 27. He opened his present and in the gift box was a modern television. He planned to watch 27 movies to celebrate. The movies included:

Free Braveheart
Fun Loving Scary Monster
Boring Notebooks
Sports Definitions
Chore Chore
Winter Wonderland
Fluffy French Bambi Family
Childhood Memories
Money Tree
Dark Night
Messy Brown Annoying Habits
Foul Language Flower Shopping
Career Minded
Country Ham Shindig Bake
Toy Sheep
Fast Car Hot Ticket
Silicone Bathroom
Store Front
Action Children
Deer Hunting Outdoors
Night Museum
Color Purple
Music Big Notes
Baseball TV
Wrapped Candy

After that we watched the first episode of Outsourced on Hulu. I saw the first scene before falling asleep. Pretty pathetic since it was only 22 minutes. A is planning this weeks date, so hopefully I won't fall asleep!

Here's an opportunity for you to join the fun: pick a movie title and tell me what you think it is about.

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

You had so many cute ideas for your first date. Sounds like fun. And don't feel bad, I have also fallen asleep on date nights.