Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Halloween Party

I only got this picture of Graham's preschool Halloween Party because I was in charge of it.  It all came together really well.  Most of the parents provided food and I planned the games.

I went with an original theme of the pumpkin.  For lunch they had pb & j in pumpkin shapes, cheez doodles, go-gurt, iced pumpkin sugar cookies, and candy.  The one child that was absent was supposed to bring the fruit :)  One mom made pumpkin popcorn balls for their party favors along with a scarecrow tin of extra candy.

For games we played pin the nose on the pumpkin, pass the pumpkin (like hot potato only using a small pumpkin cup), and feed the pumpkin (throw orange marshmallows into a pumpkin bucket).  After the games I read Duck and Goose Find the Pumpkin.  I hid mini pumpkins around the room and told them to find one after reading it.  We were supposed to end the party by bouncing the pumpkin cup on a parachute but most kids were ready to leave so we didn't do it.

I think they all had fun.  The kids cracked me up with their interest in the games.  About half didn't want to play each of them.  I enjoyed planning this and was thankful for the parents support in it too.  It took me back to planning for 5th grade (although they would have been much to mature for games like this :)

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