Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Project 52: Date 4

Anthony said he did not have any ideas and we were both in need of some relaxation so I pulled this idea out of a "Little Black Date Book" that I made him several years ago for Christmas (I'll try to post those ideas sometime in the future).

I had candle holders, tea light candles, scented beach candle, sand, shells, rocks, and massage oil on hand. I purchased some unscented candles, tea light holders, and sparkling cider from the Dollar Store. I got some apple cake from a local Amish family that sells baked goods in town. I used Pandora with a combination of Mystic Sea by Thomas Kinkade and Ocean Waves to set to mood.

Everything came together very nicely. We were both extremely surprised by how warm the candles made the room and really helped set a relaxing environment. We also learned that Pandora does not work well if another computer is downloading something; so we had periodic moments of silence. Regardless of the internet issues, we had a wonderful evening together. And now that the weather has gotten colder, I want the candle warmth back :)

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