Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Project 52: Date 2

Anthony planned Date 2. He mentioned something to me on Tuesday asking if I was looking forward to Thursday night. I said "YES!" He said it probably would be lame (or something like that) but that we would have fun. I was excited that he already had come up with something. We called this the "Random Date."

(I made up the invitation after the fact since I know A doesn't want to learn how to use Scrapbook Factory :)

Anthony set up an air mattress on the porch along with his laptop and a bowl of Sour Patch Kids, Fizzy Skittles, M & M's, and Reece's Pieces. I was told that we would be feeding each other the candy rather than ourselves. I was then told to pick a number from 1-20 and 1-100. We used the laptop to watch an instant movie on our Netflix account. The first number determined the genre of movie and the second determined the movie we would watch. We would then have to watch 10 minutes of the movie and could pick another or keep watching. I ended up picking comedy and the movie was Dance Flick. It had some funny but totally unrealistic moments in the beginning. When he explained to me that it was supposed to be like Scary Movie I got into it a little more. We watched for 10 minutes and I picked again. The first was The Fly 2 which he said he had seen and I wasn't interested. I picked a third time and came up with Stuart Little 3. We went back to Dance Flick and watched some more. Then I fell asleep. Next week's date will not involve laying down in dark places since I cannot handle that at that time of day!

I was very proud of Anthony for coming up with something creative like this. The movie may not have been the best, but it was still a fun night together.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Definitely a creative date!

Erika said...

How fun to have him plan your date.
Your invitation is cute too!

christy said...

i think that is very clever of your husband to plan a movie date night that way. neither of you have any idea as to what is to come. that's exciting.