Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Things Graham Says

"Daddy, can you guess what I have in my hand? It's long, and has a bucket, and wheels, and is noisy, and big. Can you guess, dad? Can you guess what the backhoe is?"


While looking at pictures of baby mommy and baby daddy we found one with me in overalls that had my name on it. I asked him what it said if it had my name on it.

G: Mommy!

M: No. What is my real name? J-

G: Jack... Jack Mommy!


G: I can't get it (referring to whatever I asked him to get) because my legs are broken.

M: How did they break?

G: Reed broke them with a knife.

This conversation happened one morning before Reed even woke up so he had not seen him since the night before. Thankfully we don't let Reed play with knives so I knew this wasn't true. That and the fact that his legs weren't broken to begin with!


"Mommy. why are you putting finger socks (meaning gloves) on Reed?"


After 6 + hours in the car:

"My butt hurts!"


He says "I can't" a lot (especially with regards to using the toilet) so we've been working on Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things in Christ Jesus." One day while in the bathroom I gave him a taste of what he does and said I couldn't do it. His response:

"Yes you can. You can do all things because Jesus loves and you can do it!"


While on the hay ride:

G: God will help me when I'm scared.

M: Yes. You were scared about getting on the trailer weren't you?

G: Yes. Where is God?

M: He's everywhere. He's right here with us.

G: Does he live in my heart?

M: I hope He will someday soon!

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