Monday, December 13, 2010

More of What Graham Says

We hear this several times a day-

"Guess what?"

"I love you!"


I point out the antlers on the car parked next to us. He was not impressed. He said-

"The letter F?"


A cart was right next to the van so I pushed our cart into it and had G hop out. He informed me-

"You are not a man. The man does that."

He was referring to the man that pushes all of the carts back to the store.


"I'm so excited that Julia is here."


He enjoyed one song in particular on the listening cd for the Christmas musical at church. I asked him to sing it for me. He started and then said,

"no, no. First the men sing like this (really low) and then it goes like this."


"I miss GG and G-Bob!"

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