Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Family Christmas

We had a wonderful day celebrating CHRISTmas together. Since we have to be here for the Christmas eve service, we aren't able to travel. I miss seeing family, but do enjoy the traditions that we are adopting.

We opened presents, had homemade cinnamon rolls, played with and assembled the new toys, had friends from church over for lunch, took naps, and then watched movies and played with the new toys that night. It was a great, relaxing day!!

A few things to note:
*We woke up to a white Christmas. Apparently only the 10th in TN history!
*Both boys slept later than normal and Reed had to be woken up so we could open gifts
*Reed wasn't really into opening the gifts so Graham helped with most of them
*The transformer that Graham got included 16 steps for transforming it from robot to car and vice versa. I lost 45 minutes trying to transform it, never did finish it, and because of it I forgot to put lunch in the crockpot!
*They liked all of their toys. Graham's favorites were the three matchbox cars and Reed liked the animals that pop up.

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