Monday, January 24, 2011

More of what Graham (+ Reed) says

Boy have them kept us laughing this week!! From the mouth of Graham:

Playing with a catapult toy in the bathtub, he says to himself:

"Oh I get it. It's kind of like a see saw!"


"That cat sounds like a snake" (referring to the hissing sound)


"Caugh GG"

I didn't realize how funny this was until he said it to her. He says it to me often, "Mom cough" whenever I need to clear my throat.


Uncle Joey did some work from here while he was visiting and it included receiving many phone calls. Graham noticed his frustration when he received a half dozen calls back to back and said to him:

"Why you doing that with your eyebrows?"

He has since made his angry eyes to remind us of what he was doing with them!


G-Bob said his feet were cold and asked Graham to get his slippers.

G: "No... Ok I'll get them." (He proceeds to run for the stairs to go up and get them)

Me: "Do you know where they are?"

G: As quick as he started running he stops and says, "No!" and starts laughing.


Graham was trying to tell knock knock jokes. Here's two of them.

G: "Knock knock"

Mrs. B: "Who's there?"

G: "Orange you glad I didn't say banana?"


G: "Say knock knock"

Mrs. B: "knock knock"

G: "Who's there?"

Mrs. B: "Well I don't know!" (None of us knew it would turn out this way so we got a good laugh!)


G: "Are we there yet?"

Me: "Graham, are we still driving?"

G: "Yes."

Me: "Are we in a parking lot?"

G: "No."

Me. "How will we know we're in a parking lot?"

G: "We'll crash."


Julia: "Graham, your boots are on the wrong feet."

G: "Here" (he crossed his feet so the boots were on the right side even though he never switched them on his feet).


GG: "I need to look at the light to help me sneeze."

Graham: After a moment of thinking, "Why don't you look at the darkness so you don't achoo?"


Graham: "The floor is wet. The cat peed!" (He was referring to the snow that had come off of someone's boot and he stepped in it)


Me: "Do you want pizza, chicken nuggets, a turkey sandwich, or mac and cheese?"

G: "Um, I just want a rice cake."

Later that day

Me: "Do you want some ice cream?"

G: "I want a popsicle."

If only I could choose rice cakes and popsicles instead of ice cream and other tasty foods!


Me: "Ready, set . . ."

Reed: "Doe!" (go)


While holding Buzz or Woody:

Reed: ". . .a ehyan!" (to infinity and beyond- my best attempt to write what he says :)


Whenever Reed sees one of the cats he runs to it and says,

"doggie, doggie!"


Reed has also found the food cabinets which happen to be the lower ones, so whenever he is hungry he brings us a box of cereal and as I was typing this we found this:

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