Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Nicaragua Missions Trip

My dad left today with a team from his church headed to Masaya, Nicaragua. This blog will be updated each day with ways to pray for the team. They will be gone from Jan 4-14 as they help build a medical clinic and sports court, teach some skills classes, and hold a three day crusade among other things.

I'm so thankful for the skills that God has given my dad. We have certainly benefited from them personally but more importantly, as far back as I can remember, I've seen him use them for the Lord. From employing people that later accepted Christ, to helping with a major renovation to their church, to playing a role in his customers coming to Christ, he's been a vessel that God has used. Now it's neat to see him going to another country and making a difference there.

We're proud of you G-Bob and will be praying for your safety and for God to use and encourage you while you are away.

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Brenners said...

I went to Nicaragua on a missions trip as a teen. I left a part of my heart there. I will be praying for you Dad and his group while they're there.