Monday, January 03, 2011

Not what we thought

We were supposed to be in Orlando this week. Anthony has been going to to a music conference there for the past three years.

In the past we've met friends from seminary there, but none of them could go this year. We decided to bring the boys and turn it into a family trip- he would go to the conference during the day and we'd do family things each night.

We'd see my grandfather.

I was going to visit with other friends from seminary that live in the area.

The weather looked nice.

Graham was looking forward to going to "Disney World" (or what we told him was Disney World-the admission free Disney store at Downtown Disney).

And then the stomach bug arrived.

It hit me first Thursday afternoon and Anthony on Friday night. Sat morning we realized we couldn't go. We spent much of that day switching and canceling reservations.

The good thing that comes from all of this is Anthony is going to go to another version of the conference in Dallas in two weeks. Because of this location, he'll get to visit a good friend from seminary that lives in the area and hasn't seen in a while. Since the TX conference happens right around my scheduled trip to NY, we were able to change our tickets to go a few days early.

Not what we thought, but it worked out in the end.


Brenda and Brantley said...

We just got over the stomach bug too. I haven't been that sick in 15 years. whew! Even poor Reggie got it, but thankfully Luke avoided it - PTL.

Cassie said...


I still sad you couldn't come, especially since I haven't been as good at keeping up with you as I should be! I'm glad you all are feeling better, though, and I'll try to be more in touch in the future :).