Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OYOL Week 5

Cut, Combine, or Delegate


After looking through my Bare Minimum and Do/Want List, I don't know that anything needs to be cut. I wish cleaning the bathrooms and doing the dishes could be, but we don't want to live in filth now do we? I realize that some things on there may never get done, but they are at least goals to one day achieve.


*I'm going to try and do my bare minimum cleaning in the morning while the boys play.
*If I ever get a plan together of what Graham is going to do for school time I will include writing a letter to our sponsored child once a month.
*I will begin by setting aside one morning's quiet time to read a chapter in the book I'm currently reading. Hopefully my interest will grow and I'll start reading at night too, but I don't want to expect too much from myself now do I? (Note- I've sucked it up and set my alarm for 5:45 in order to get up before the boys, although Graham usually gets up shortly after I do. It's made a huge difference in my day so do this so I don't mind).


*I'm going to ask Anthony to be in charge of the family Bible and prayer time. This week is Love Your Family Week at church so it should be a good jump start to making this a part of our daily routine.
*Cubbies Verse can be reviewed during this family time and we can also pray for our sponsored child here.
*We've completely redone our budget for this year so I'm hoping Anthony and I can set time aside each week to look over it together.
*Graham and Reed need to help a lot more with toy clean up. I'm working on a nightly routine that will give us the time to straighten up and will require them to be a part of it.

This doesn't really fit into the three categories above, but here are some other things I've realized:

*For whatever reason I guess when I stopped teaching years ago I left my planning time too. For some reason I think I associated planning with not having the ability to be spontaneous or know what is going on. Obviously living like that hasn't been working, so I think giving myself a planning period once a week will really help. I can get our meal plan figured out, grocery list made, G's school activities decided, while considering the activities we have each day. Now I just need to find the best spot for a planning time like this since I envision it being without children :)

*I am hoping that this will be the week for my mom binder to finally come together. I've been thinking about it for weeks and the perfectionist in me wants it to have the perfect font and color scheme before I put it together. I just need to get it put together and can update it as needed. Right now I'm planning on putting the following sections in:

Food- favorite meals, freezer cooking list, recipes I want to try
Bills- bills, receipts, bank statements, and financial goals
Kids- babysitter info, gift ideas, activity ideas
Coupons (in plastic sleeve since I'm not fully into couponing right now)
Personal- projects list, books to read list, personal goals, gift ideas

I hope to report back next week with it DONE!!


Brenners said...

Can't wait to see what you do with your mom notebook. :)

Eos Mom said...

I love your idea for a planning time. Currently, I plan meals on Sunday so my husband can get the groceries for the week, now you have me thinking I could expand this time to look ahead at the week and plan how to put in some tasks, give myself a time guide for the week. Thanks!