Monday, February 14, 2011

OYOL Week 4

We were supposed to break down the activities of our day up to see how much time we spend doing them. I took the lists that I posted in week 2 and 3 and then categorized them and rated them based on frequency. Some things got a zero because I don't do them and the things I do do, were rated higher based on the amount of time spent on them. It's certainly not exact, but I think a fair assessment.

After doing this, I'm left wondering what it should look like? I'm sick of guilting myself for not having "my act together," but what should "my act really look like?" I know I wish the house and food stuff took less time so I can do more with my kids and not be so exhausted at night so I can spend time with Anthony. I guess that's the place to start!


Brenners said...

Sure is enlightening to sit down and think about where the majority of the time is spent, huh? Was for me.

As far as the "left wondering how it should look"... for me it was easier to graph out catagories in relation to importance more than time. Like wife and mother got way bigger chunks than house work. I may actually spend more *time* on housework, but imortance wise, wife and mother get first place on the focus meter. That way if I have house work to do but kids who are asking me to read to them, I can stop and think... which is the bigger chunk on my graph (more important)? The housework needs to be done, but not at the exspense of my duty as a wife and mother.

I had a hard time trying to work things out in terms of actual minutes or hours spent, because then it seemed that 5 mins on spiritual, 30 mins on the husband, and 2 hours with kids was TERRIBLE compared to the 5 hours spent on various work responsibilities. I had to realize that time does not always equal importance.

Brenda and Brantley said...

Well, whether you feel like it is together or not, you definitely have a good act! :) Always seems together to me. You are a beautiful wife, wonderful mother, and GREAT friend. I happen to have first hand experience regarding point number 3 and I have witnessed Point #1 & 2!

Thanks for posting this. Your post and a friend's comment that time should be considered as carefully as finances...made me do a pie chart of my own. It was a reality check and wake up call to see how I was spending my time compared to how I wanted to spend my time to meet my goals.

Thanks for always encouraging me. I love you girl. Give hugs and kisses to G & R for me.