Sunday, February 27, 2011

OYOL Week 6

Week 6 had us develop a list of chores for the kids and a system to implement them. Several months ago I made a sticker chart for Graham, but after a couple of days I realized that sticker charts are too hard for me to keep up with (not sure why really). Fast forward a few months and we decided to do our own take on a marble jar (I had stars left over from his birthday party craft so we made a "star jar"). It worked, but nothing was ever written down as to how he could get stars so there wasn't total consistency with it (I do believe that we were probably more confused by it then him).

To complete this assignment I decided to combine the two ideas rather than reinventing the wheel. I took the images from the original sticker chart and turned it into a job list:

Sorry it's blurry. Click to see it larger

G will get a star for each job completed on his job list. Once the jar is filled he will get to pick out a new toy or go on a fun outing. I know the responsibility and accountability will be good for him and having it written down with set times in the morning and at night for it to be completed will help it to become part of our routine.

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Brenners said...

Love, love, love the simplicity of this. I really do. How old is Graham?