Sunday, February 27, 2011

OYOL Week 7

Week 7 had us get a routine on paper. Earlier this year I broke down our day and assigned times to when we would do things. This was good to do in order to see how much time I do actually have, however it was too rigid for me. It would stress me out if I wasn't accomplishing things by the set time periods. So I took that list and erased all of the times. My goal is to accomplish the things on the list during the part of the day they have been assigned to. I made a few changes and included time to accomplish the bare minimum and G's daily jobs. Here is what I came up with:

Before kids wake up
• Shower
• Read Bible and pray

After kids wake up
• Breakfast
• Family Bible time, review Cubbies verse
• Empty dishwasher
• Wash dishes
• Thaw dinner if necessary
• G’s Daily Jobs
• Everyone gets dressed
• Walk/exercise (drop G off at preschool T, TH)
• Start laundry
• G’s work drawer time (M, W, F)
• Morning Bare Minimum
• 10 min blitz
• Snack

Out of the House

Early Afternoon
• Lunch
• Nap time
• Wash dishes
• Finish Laundry
• Afternoon Bare Minimum

Late Afternoon
• Snack
• Play Time

• Prepare dinner
• Wash dishes
• Clean up kitchen
• Vacuum under table
• Family play time
• G’s Daily Jobs
• Bedtime story
• Kids in bed
• Computer/TV time

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Brenners said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that values my "akb" (After Kids in Bed) time for relaxation. I've had people tell me that's when i should work. lol. Yeah, don't think that will ever happen. Way too tired by then.