Wednesday, March 02, 2011

OYOL Week 8

For week 8 we had to report for duty. We had to implement all the planning that we've been doing. After thinking through how I had been accomplishing my bare minimum I reworked it a little before the week started. Based on the original list I came up with, I was finding that there wasn't time to accomplish things if I missed doing them during their assigned time. After I came up with my routines I saw room for better organizing the bare minimum. I've got my 5 things that I need to do everyday and then broke each day down into 3 parts- morning, nap time, and evening. Spaces left blank mean I have that time free for random things that come up or doing something that I missed on another day.

Daily Do’s

1. Read Bible, Memory Verse Review, Pray
2. Empty dishwasher and do dishes after each meal
3. One load of laundry washed and dried
4. Prepare/cook breakfast, lunch, dinner
5. Play with G and R

Weekly Do’s

M: Church
E: Church

N: Read a chapter in book
E: Grocery Shopping alone

M: Grocery Shopping (if not Mon)
N: Plan Awana Large Group Lesson
E: Baths for G and R (Clean bathrooms)

M: Clean and mop kitchen
N: Bills
E: Awana

M: Vacuum
N: Blog
E: Baths for G and R (clip nails, clean ears)

N: Plan for the week- meals, grocery list, work drawer activities

N: Finish Planning
E: Baths for G and R

Here are my thoughts on the week

*A little background: Since my husband is a worship pastor our workweek is a little different. He works 4 weekdays and Sunday. He gets one weekday and Saturday off. My routine list pertains mainly to the 4 days Anthony works. I plan to stick to it loosely on his weekday off and then give myself Saturday off. Sundays we go to church, nap/relax in the afternoon and go back to church at night.

*Anytime I felt like I didn't know what to do next I reminded myself to keep moving. The lists help me to see what I still need to do!

*Having certain things assigned to certain days takes the pressure off of feeling like I should be doing those things I don't enjoy doing (cleaning bathrooms, etc).

*I do really well keeping up with the routine in the morning. I actually exercised three times this week and we played outside 3 or 4 days (it helps that it's warming up). I've noticed most days that I am tired by nap time. I can usually accomplish my nap time jobs, but I'm usually in the middle of something when they wake up and don't want to stop my momentum. I need to make more of an effort to stop!

*It is easier to stop working on things if I work on them at least a day ahead of time so I'm not pressured to get it done because it's time sensitive.

*This week I'm going to try dedicating one day to cleaning rather than trying to split it up throughout the week. It may not prove to be anymore helpful but is worth a try.

*My biggest goal is to stop and play with the boys. I'm not sure why I can't get it through my head that it is acceptable use of my time!

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Brenners said...

I am right there with you on taking time for the kids. i absolutely hate mommy guilt. When I'm working, I feel guilty for "ignoring" the kids. But if I'm playing with them or reading to them, I feel guilty for not working. No matter what I do, I just can't get rid of feeling like I should be doing something else.