Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Things We Do For Our Kids

This may look weird to you, but it is currently the only way to get Reed to eat his veggies. He wants to feed himself but I'm not willing to deal with the mess that this would make since it is so runny and he won't eat any in finger food form. So he drinks it through the straw. It's fine by me since he is not willing to eat many try new things to eat and just hands it back to us. I don't know how to force an almost 18-month old to. Any suggestions? What odd things to do you do to accommodate your children?


Justin and Gi said...

this is great! The more creative the better. :)
And with Owen we are simply making him try and eat things-I am now only making one meal for us all, but it sure has started a lot of training in patience for both of us. We are also working through throwing fits right now. The joys of parenting. :) Odd things right now for us?? Eating out of muffin tins.

Cassie said...

Right now I'm currently allowing Abigail to run around naked in an effort to potty train. I know a lot of people have done this,but I never thought we would. :) She's doing well, but it drives Kent crazy. We did make it a rule this week that she has to at least wear underwear at all times.