Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Activities

I thought I would share some of the activities that we did during the week leading up to Easter (mainly so I would have a reference for next year:)

Overall it was a busier week than I wanted it to be. Anthony had to be at church on Fri and at 6am on Sun morning, so it kind of got in the way of special family times that I envisioned. I'm learning that in the future we may just have to have those moments on different days.

Back to the activities:

In addition to 4 egg hunts (resulting in more candy than G got at Halloween) the boys got to die Easter eggs with their cousins:

On Good Friday I made the boys a pb and j sandwich that looked like this:

G had already eaten the cross part
(I know, that sounds weird)

We also built a tomb as suggested by Margaret. Rather than attempting paper mache I went the simple route of covering a box with construction paper. Maybe next year we will make something that we can reuse each year. After constructing the tomb, G decided to play with it.

Later that day we talked about how

Jesus died on the cross and was wrapped in cloth

His body was placed in a tomb
(G still keeps calling it a temple and then corrects himself)

a rock was rolled in front of it

and a guard was placed outside

After doing this we placed it on a shelf and left it alone.

On Easter morning we woke up to this

He is risen!

Throughout the week we also played with Resurrection Eggs and Easter Story Sequencing Cards. Rather than getting Easter baskets I bought the boys Benjamin's Box: The Story of the Resurrection Eggs. It's a cute story that goes along well with the eggs, but is a little wordy for a 3 and 1 year old. I was also interested in The Story of the Resurrection Eggs in Rhyme and Song but could not find it for a reasonable price. I'll keep my eye out for it for next year.

Our church had a Sunrise Service Easter morning. I knew the boys would not be quiet for it so we went for the pancake breakfast they had afterward. We had an hour before Sunday school so we came home and took some pictures. G's original outfit was not fitting right, so after a wardrobe change (the tie was his idea) I got these shots:



After church we came home and ate a quick lunch so everyone could get to bed! While they slept I made a half batch of butterhorn rolls to use in Resurrection Rolls.

When G woke up from his nap we rolled them out
and then wrapped marshmallows in them.

After baking them they are empty just like the tomb!

What fun traditions or activities did you include in your celebration?

Here are some other activities I found but forgot to use or didn't make in time:

Resurrection Eggs Printables

Easter Memory Match

Resurrection Cookies

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