Friday, April 01, 2011

A morning at the Rosolowski Institute

Maybe once a month I follow through on my desire to do more educational activities with G.  Now that R doesn't take a morning nap he wants in on it too, so he sat at the table with us.

On this day G was using these ABC/abc cards.  I hadn't cut them apart yet, so he just used the pointer hand to point to the answer.  I was impressed with how many of the lower case letters he knew.  

I really want to do more of these things with them.  I just need to start small and keep adding to it in order to keep it going.  I bet it would also help with the disagreements that seem to be arising more each day!

Any suggestions for getting started.  My mind is so tired these days :)


SweetSamantha said...

have you checked out I love her site! Neat ideas and print outs to go along with it!

Jackie said...

I love her site too. I'm out of ink so that doesn't help in getting things made :)