Friday, July 22, 2011

Henry's Woods

Graham and I went on a hike one morning. Henry's Woods is across the street from my parent's house. (Here are some pictures from last summer's trip. The pics of G was wearing a white t-shirt and athletic shorts and holding a rock was from last summer's hike). I really wish it had been there when I was growing up because it is a neat place. There are several trails to choose from as well as lots of mosquitoes. The bugs encouraged us to keep moving so we didn't get bit too much!

G did a great job, hiking over a mile and never really asking me to carry him. He loved picking up rocks to throw in water or mud holes. He also informed me that G-Bob told him on their boys hike the night before that he needed to watch out for big cats!

I pushed Reed in the jog stroller the day before and found this bridge so it was my goal to get G to walk far enough to see it. He had fun walking across it to the rock ledge where he threw some rocks into the river that flowed behind it.

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