Friday, October 21, 2011

Someday I hope to blog again

First off blogger is annoying me with the time it takes to load photos. Any bloggers out there with suggestions on how to load pictures faster? I was not impressed with the updated version when it came to moving pictures around so it's still loading them the old way- 5 at a time.

My main reason or excuse for not posting is the horrible all day morning sickness that I've been experiencing. I had it with both boys until about 20 weeks so it wasn't unexpected. I cannot figure out if this time around it is truly worse or if it seems that way because we are busy with life, work, and the boys. Bottom line is I feel nauseous most of the day and have moments of sour stomach which just make me exhausted. I'm thirsty and most drinks don't sit well. I'm hungry every 90 minutes or so which leaves me tired of eating by the end of the day. I never thought I'd say that but trying to find something that sounds good is always a battle.

I'm thankful for the good days I've had and anticipate when this goes away. I pray it is months before the due date :) I went into this pregnancy knowing that according to our plans this would be our last biological child. I loved being pregnant with both boys so I was concerned that I might be sad about that. Sadness has not kicked in. I did not realize how difficult it would be to be pregnant with small children to care for.

Hopefully I will feel better soon and then be able to post more often. I've got plenty of trips and special events to share!


happymcfamily said...

I'm not having the problem with blogger, but I'm having that problem with FB... 5 at a time. I can open new tabs and do 5 others at a time while the previous 5 are loading and that helps some but it's still slower. yee-haw.

Justin and Gi said...

awwwww. That is NO fun! Will pray for you. But until then...just enjoy as much as you can your Mommytime. Blogger will come back around I am sure!