Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

We flew to MD and NY this year for Christmas.



We spent several days before Christmas enjoying time with grandparents and cousins

P1030004 P1030005 P1030007 P1030010 P1030012 P1030064

P1030022    P1030063

Christmas was our last full day in town:


P1030027  P1030029 P1030031 P1030037 P1030039 P1030042 P1030046

The day after Christmas we flew to NY.  We celebrated G-Bob’s birthday:


but first we had to open more Christmas gifts!

P1030075 P1030065 P1030072


My parents got everyone a monogrammed blanket



The rest of the time we enjoyed visiting with family and friends

P1030066P1030120 P1030119 P1030114 P1030089P1030110


as well as playing in the snow

(don’t laugh at our inappropriate snow attire.  I know Anthony and Reed were in sneakers and the boys were wearing wind pants, but it’s not worth buying snow pants etc when it hardly ever snows at home :)

P1030103 P1030101 P1030098 P1030094 P1030093 P1030092 P1030091

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