Saturday, May 19, 2012

1 Month Old


Here’s what Paige is up to at 1 month:

*sleeps with Mommy or in the bouncy seat

*has been very gassy/fussy at night and peaked with a scream fest from 10pm-2am her first week home

*smacks her lips when she takes her gripe water

*is slowly getting the hang of nursing because she is one sleepy girl

*had her first chiropractic adjustment at 2 weeks

*likes to take a paci

*wore newborn diapers for 3 days and is now in size 1

*wears mostly 0-3 month clothing and outgrew the handful of newborn onesies we had in about a week

Pics from her 1st month

P1030512 P1030524  P1030471 P1030440 P1030437

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