Monday, May 14, 2012

Meet Quinn and the meaning behind Paige’s name


4 days old

When it came to naming our children, the name had to fit within certain criteria.  It had to be a simple (1-2 syllables), go with our long, Polish last name, fit with the siblings names, begin with a different letter from the other family members, couldn’t be a popular name, couldn’t be so unique that people would struggle to spell or pronounce it (our last name is hard enough :), and be a name that none of our friends have used for their children. 

Some history: Prior to finding out Graham’s gender we had a boy and girl name picked out- Max or Paige.  When we found out he was a boy, we began calling him Max and even telling people his name.  Fast forward to a few weeks before he was due and I started having second thoughts.  I really liked the name Graham better.  We decided to change it and I’m glad we did!  This experience led to great uncertainly when it came to naming Reed and Paige.  I was so afraid to commit to a name prior to their births for fear that I’d change my mind again.  With both of them, we finally settled on their names in the delivery room!

The Meaning: There really isn’t any profound reason behind why we chose any of the kids first names- they were names we liked that fit the criteria.  We certainly didn’t go for meaning (Graham means “warlike, ” Reed means “red head,” and Paige means “assistant”).  Paige is the girl name that has always stuck around.  It was a struggle to find a middle name to go with it since it’s only one syllable.  Quinn was my grandmother’s maiden name as well as a name I liked.  It fit perfectly with Paige (as well as the other names we considered). 

The Doll: Knowing that Quinn would likely be her middle name, I was so excited when I found this Cabbage Patch doll named Quinn!  This doll will be featured each month as we watch Paige grow!  This picture can be considered the “0” shot.  Stay tuned for her 1 month picture since it has almost been a month already!

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AmandaS said...

Happy 1 Month, Paige! It's already so fun to watch you grow!