Monday, February 18, 2013

Paige is 10 Months!


*She wears a size 3 diaper and 12-18 month clothes

*She has said “hi” a few times

*She had the stomach bug again. She lost a pound and took a week to recover. Thankfully we avoided a trip to the ER!

*She often reminds us of a dog- she crawls with toys in her mouth, eats food that is under the table, begs for food if someone else is eating or the snack cabinet is opened, pulls stuff out of the trash, and plays fetch with herself

*She sleeps through the night!!! She is in bed by 9 and wakes up around 6:30

*She naps twice a day and nurses 4 times a day. She has learned to put herself to sleep for naptime with minimal crying!

*She loves shopping and smiles at everyone she meets. People always comment on how happy she is and she really is. The older she has gotten and more she’s been able to do the happier she gets

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