Saturday, March 16, 2013

Paige is 11 Months!


*She stands a lot on her own, letting go of what she used to pull up on. This skill has quickly progressed to taking steps on her own! I think she’ll be walking by her birthday.

*When she sits on the floor she often crosses her legs and will also rock herself onto her knees and play with toys that way.

*She only says “yeah” now. It’s so funny to ask her questions. She responds with “yeah.” She is such an agreeable child based on our conversations.

*She is up to 6 teeth and is the most bothered of the three when it comes to teething. The boys would wake up with new teeth not having any sleep issues with it. She has some rough nights on occasion where I know they are bothering her.

*Her hair is growing in the back but it is really slow to come in on top. She no longer leaves the bow bands on so it’s going to be a while before she wears bows again.

*She gives kisses. Wet ones!

*Baths and the Crazy Coupe car are some of her favorites

*Her favorite foods include bananas, grapes, cheese, gold fish, and tater tots. She loves to eat and still enjoys baby food but really likes to pick food up herself. She sings while she eats and can get pretty loud!

*She’s getting squirmier by the day

*Shoes and sock don’t stay on very long

*She adores her brothers and their toys. Most of her rattles etc have lost their appeal. She prefers to chew on superheros and any other random toys they leave on the floor. She’s also taken an interest in eating our board books. I guess since the books have been around for a while they are wearing out. She always manages to find some places on them to bite the cardboard off.

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