Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Paige!

The saying is so true that the days are long and the years are short! I'm amazed that we’re already celebrating her first birthday and at the same time can’t believe we survived that first year. Life with three little kids has been chaotic, exhausting, sweet, and wonderful all at the same time! None of our kids are demanding on their own, it’s just the reality of putting all their needs together that caused me to be overwhelmed more often then I wanted or thought I would be.


Paige is walking! She went from half walking/half crawling to walking full time in a week, quickly learning how to stand up on her own too. All this was accomplished during our visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s house!

She loves cell phones, remote controls, water bottles, plastic bags, and any non baby toy that can be found.

She is still a better eater then her brothers. She is quickly adding more finger foods but still likes her baby food veggies and fruits. She continues to sing while she eats and is learning to drink from a sippy cup. I’m excited about this development since she never had a bottle!

She has always liked riding in the car and slept most of the time on our drive from TN to MD and back.

While on our trip to MD, we stayed at hotels with indoor pools. She was fearful of at first but really enjoyed it once she got used to it

She mimics our laughs and says dada more often. I’ve gotten her to say mama a couple of times!

The day before her birthday we had a few friends over to celebrate. She really enjoyed the strawberry cupcakes. One of her gifts was a doll and she absolutely loves it!


The morning of her birthday she opened her gifts from us and the grandparents.


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