Thursday, February 18, 2010

Halfway to 3!

Graham is 2 1/2 today so I thought it was time for an official update on him. I realize I should probably do these more often because of how long this is. Anyway, Graham continues to be a sweet and funny little guy or big boy as he says he is. He amazes us everyday with the things he says and does.

*He is learning regularly what it means to be a big brother. I think once Reed can play with him, he'll have a greater appreciation for him. Right now we are battling jealousy for Mommy's undivided attention.

*He wakes up each day with more and more energy (and Mommy and Daddy with less and less :). And many of those days start way earlier than we desire them to!

*He has become a picky eater. He'd happily live off of cheese, fruit, peanut butter, and crackers. He also loves chicken nuggets, pizza, cheeseburgers, and hot dogs, but we do try to limit those.

*His vocabulary always amazes us. He speaks in sentences on a regular basis and has added the words like "Nicaragua" and "conversation" among others.

*He loves to play with matchbox cars and Disney and animal figures. He combines toys together and has quite the imagination. For example, this week Polly Pocket (a toy that Grandma let him take from her house) has been the captain of the pirate ship. He even has her hold on to the anchor to pull her in.

*He is obsessed with monster and giants. Apparently our house is infested because he says he sees them all the time. He and Daddy go on daily hunts to get them.

*He loves TV. We've switched from Disney channel to PBS, which I think is a little more educational at least. His favorite shows at the moment include Little Einsteins, Super Why, and Word World.

*He has been informing us that he doesn't like our house. He likes GG's house. I've been reminding him of the need to be content, and that hopefully we'll get to go there this summer. I am happy that he enjoys going to her house though.

*He loves to talk with people. I realized Sunday night just how much he is like me. He'll talk to anyone one on one, but not so much to a whole group of people. We went with the Mission Friend's group from church to a local nursing home. They sang Jesus Loves Me to the residents. He wouldn't sing and even came and stood by me for some it. After singing, they gave cards and candy to the people. He did a wonderful job of going up to them handing out the candy.

*He has an incredible memory. He still talks about things that happened 6 or 8 months ago. Yet, sometimes I think he sees in black and white because he struggles to remember his colors.

*He asks on a regular basis to have his stuffed animals talk to him. He'll carry on an entire conversation, showing them his toys etc all the while I'm the one making it talk. He is also much more obedient when they give him directions to follow as opposed to mom and dad.

*He loves to play hide and seek and regularly hides when Daddy comes home, proudly announcing from said hiding place that he is in fact hiding.

*He is very aware of capital letters and knows some names and sounds, but we're still working on putting it all together. He knows how to spell his name although he doesn't know what all letters look like. He's also got a good start to writing the letter "G."

*We tried potty training last week. He knows what to do, but not how to make himself go or the moment before he needs to. He is willing to work for prizes, so we'll revisit in a few weeks.

*He is learning that Jesus died on the cross for sins and that everyone has sin. He enjoys listing the people that have them! I was teaching him the verse, "Jesus came to seek and to save the lost." Today I said, "Jesus came to seek and to save..." He responded with "and hide." I guess he thinks Jesus played hide and seek while he was here!

One final shot of our goofball!

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such a great update. thank you!