Thursday, May 27, 2010

8 Month Update

Reed turned 8 months last week. Here's growing and changing everyday! We've had many days this month where he has reminded me of when he was a newborn- mainly needing to be held when sleeping and not being content when put down. I'm hoping it is because of his teeth and new sleep position. Here's what he is up to:

-He loves food. He wants to eat when we eat and is adding new foods to his diet regularly. He likes yogurt and fruits the most. Most vegetables he'll only eat a few bites of, but if they are in chunks that he can pick up he will readily eat them. When Jude was here, he introduced Reed to mum mum's. These have been great to have when he is fussy and I'm busy. He also likes Cheerios and has sucked on some pineapple.

-He has been teething and the two bottom teeth are just about through. His top two teeth are on their way too! No wonder he has been fussy!

-He rolls back to belly very easily now and not so much the other way. This has proven to be a difficulty for him because he does it a lot after I put him down for his nap. I've had to go in and roll him over on several occasions. I've prayed many times this month that he would embrace belly sleeping and thankfully he has been sleeping on it regularly for several days now!

-He is a mover. He uses everything he has to reach forward to get the toy in front of him, to only scoot backwards. He also spins around and gets up on his toes. He gets closer and closer everyday to getting on his knees, so I'm sure we'll have a crawler soon .

-He is becoming an early riser like his brother. One or the other is up by 6:00 each day. Reed usually needs a nap by 8:00 and then they both nap at the same time after lunch. On a good day he gets another one around dinner time, but that one usually depends on our schedule for the day.

-He and Graham play together more and more each day. Graham calls him "Reedy" and is much more interested in him then he ever has been. It certainly pleases a mom's heart to see them playing together.

-He still only says mama and dada, but is starting to attach them to us. He gets really excited when daddy comes into the room and usually says his name when he wants to play. He cries for me when I come into the room, I assume because I'm not holding him and says my name when he needs something.

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AmandaS said...

Reed, we miss you!!! Thank your mommy for such a great update.