Monday, September 27, 2010

Birthday Pics

The Presents

Graham had to be at school by 7:45 so Reed got to open his presents first thing that morning. He received several toys that he loves (sorting eggs, piggy bank, cars, books, puzzle) and some practical things that get used everyday (car seat, sippy cups, and a lunch box to keep his milk cold). He actually got really upset after opening the eggs because we tried to take them away so he could open the rest of the gifts. We had to let him keep one in his hand to calm him down. The kid knows what he wants and has learned (not in a good way) from his big brother's reactions.

The Invitation

We went with a goldfish theme since he enjoys the crackers so much. I played around with the invitation and was happy with how it turned out.

The Party

We kept his party small, having the other two pastors and their families over. We enjoyed "goldfish" cupcakes (the carrots in the carrot cake were supposed to be specs of goldfish). The kids got bags of goldfish crackers and an orange balloon as a party favor. I printed pictures of goldfish crackers, laminated them, and then put paperclips on them so they could go fishing but we didn't end up using it (it's a good thing I never sewed the ones I was thinking about making). Reed ate his treats, opened some gifts, enjoyed climbing on his new car seat and practicing his walking. It was a fun, low key evening.

After everyone left I found the cupcake toppers that I forgot to use. Oh well. I believe he had a happy birthday anyway!!

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