Friday, September 24, 2010

Gotta Love Kohls

Hobby Lobby, Target, and Kohls are my three favorite places to shop. I don't get to any of them often but enjoy them when I do. And just ask Anthony about how much he likes these stores. I bet he'll roll his eyes!!

Anyway, I went to Kohls last week to see if they could fix my watch. Anthony bought it there two years ago as a Christmas present for me. The clasp wouldn't stay closed anymore. The lady fixing it said they could not do anything for it, but said they had the same one in stock and she could exchange it for me. I was shocked that they would do that (and I'm still not convinced she was supposed to) but I was able to get a new watch! And to top if off, I found this sweatshirt for G. It was $1.40 but with my 30% off coupon I got it for $1.08!

I heart Kohls!!!

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happymcfamily said...

You can always return anything from kohl's even if it's worn. They have an excellent return policy. It doesn't matter how long it has been if you were dissatisfied.
I had Kohl's joy last weekend... got some Christmas shopping done with that 30%! lol.