Sunday, December 05, 2010

Why do you celebrate?

Why do you celebrate Christmas? If you don't know, then consider this:

Historically there was only one First Noel- all the Noels to follow were celebrations of that extraordinary Holy Night.

However, there are many who may never experience a true Noel- a true Christmas- a celebration of the coming of the Savior.

Christmas begins when the Christ of Christmas is born in the hearts of those who seek Him. He comes to us- He moves among us- not because of our merit, but because of His mercy.

This could be your time to experience the miracle of Christmas- this could be your time to come to the hallowed manger ground-

This could be your time to behold His glory- come and worship, you will not be turned away, this could be your First Noel.

Randy Vader
Forward from The First Noel: Born is the King

If you have never experienced a true Christmas- one filled with celebrating the birth Christ, then I encourage you to take a journey through scripture to see what God began doing soon after He spoke our world into existence. Download a copy of A Jesse Tree Advent Celebration and begin reading it. See for yourself the greatest Christmas gift you could ever be given.

If you do celebrate Christ's birth and don't have anything to read each day preparing you for Christmas, then A Jesse Tree Advent Celebration is for you too!

May this Christmas be a true celebration of that First Noel, when Christ came to earth.

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