Friday, January 07, 2011

Reed at 15 Months

Highlights of Reed at 15 months-

*He weighs 26 pounds and is 33 inches I think (I could be remembering the height wrong)

*He loves balls, stuffed animals, and books. He hugs his stuffed animals.  His favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear and he loves to study the page with the blue horse.

*He is mesmerized by Toy Story and loves to watch whenever any of them are on.

*If I giggle, he will giggle back and we have lots of fun laughing at each other doing this.

*He loves to give hugs, does a deep knee bend in an attempt to jump, and has learned to fold his hands to pray.

*As soon as we sit in the rocking chair for nap or bed time he says "boo" (book) and wiggles to get down so he can pick a book out.

*He says "hi, hi, hi, hi" anytime we walk in the room or come home.

*He is learning new words regularly. He says baby, hi, bye, get down, cookie, cat, doggie, puppy, Jackie, amen, book, ball, mommy, daddy, eat, jump, thank you, quack, sock, and boo.

*He has 7 teeth and 4 molars. I think more are on the way.

*He prefers to eat with a fork, although ends up using his hands by the end of the meal.

*His appetite changes daily. Some days he eats non-stop and other days he doesn't like anything I offer. If he is hungry he lets us know by standing in front of the dishwasher, looking up at the food cabinet saying "ee! ee! ee!"  He's still a big cracker, cheese, yogurt, and fruit fan. He is picky about what new foods he is willing to try and won't consider veggies or meat. He gets those in jarred baby food when I remember to buy them!

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